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To Register your Camper, please mail in a camper brochure that is provided for you to download and print. We do not register campers thur email. You may also call our office for more information. Thank You.

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What Cabin i'm I gonna be in?

You can choose the cabin you want to be in when registrating on Monday. Remember, first come, first serve.

Where can I get a Model Rocket?

Model Rockets are only available on Junior Weeks. You can buy one with your Snack Shop Money and build your own rocket and launch it on Friday!

What is a Snack Shop?

Snack Shop is a place to get yourself a refreshing drink or maybe a Snow Cone! To Candy, to popcorn, to Ice Cream! Make sure to get Snack Shop money when you register!

Camper FAQ

Have anymore questions?

Where do I register my Kids?

You may get a Camper Brochure to download and print out. Fill in information and mail it in.

When do I pay for the fees?

You will be paying when you come to the Camper Registration that happens on Monday starting at 1pm.

When do I drop off/pickup my child?

Camper Registration will begin at 1pm every monday on each week.
For picking up your Child, on Fridays you may pick them up after Awards Night on Friday or Saturday morning.

My Child has Medication, what do I do?

You may give your child medication to the Nurse during the Camper Registration on Monday for safe keeping.

Parent FAQ

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